How to Spot Clean your Carpet 


A clean carpet is essential for both the health of the individuals who live in your house and for its appearance. Dingy and grimy carpet could lessen the peaceful atmosphere, while dirt and allergens could promote respiratory issues. There are a lot of ways for carpet cleaning. In this article, we are going to discuss spot cleaning. 


Spot Cleaning the Carpet 

  • Utilize a Clean Cloth 

Ensure that you use a white cloth because cloths that have been dyed or have patterns might transfer the color to the carpet, improving the issue. A paper towel that does not have any patterns might be a proper solution. 

  • Make sure to blot dry first fresh stains using a clean cloth. Utilize an extra clean cloth when eliminating the stain left behind after blotting.  
  • Don’t utilize brushes or bristles since they could damage the carpet’s fibers.  
  • This type of cleaning is for small spills that are recent. It’s not part of routine carpet maintenance.  
  • Choose the Correct Carpet Cleaner 

There are various available commercial carpet soaps. Typically, they come in cans or spray bottles to make it easier to use. Though there are a lot of all-purpose solutions, read its label to know if a certain detergent is best for your carpet type and stain. Remember that it would require special attention if the stains come from body fluids.  

  • Blot it with hydrogen peroxide or cold water if you are dealing with a blood stain that’s fresh. Don’t utilize warm water because it would set the blood stain. It the stain is already dry, blot it first using hydrogen peroxide and then use a detergent that’s enzyme-based. 
  • Utilize a cleaner that’s enzyme-based for pet urine. Blot fresh stains with ammonia solution if you are not able to find a cleaner. Dry pet urine could be removed using a water with 1/3 vinegar solution. 
  • Test the Product on a Discreet Place 

Before you utilize the product, use it first on a small discreet portion of your carpet. Make sure that you follow the directions written on its label. Several products might be not appropriate for the carpet you have. Thus, it is wise to try it first. A portion of a carpet that is rarely seen is a great place for testing cleaners. 

  • Do not the test on the stain. The purpose of the testing is to examine for the colorfastness of the carpet. Try another cleaner if the cleaner leaves a stain behind or if any dye comes off from the carpet.  
  • Gently Dab the Affected Part 

Put a tiny amount of cleaner to a clean cloth and blot gently the stain. Only use enough cleaner to clean the stain. 

  • More product isn’t better when it comes to carpets. Soap would leave a bigger stain and would attract dirt if it is left behind in the carpet.  
  • Do not scrub your carpet. Rubbing forcefully or pressing hard could bring the stain deeper. 

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